Ross Lazear's Storm Chasing Pictures

June 4, 2005:  Supercell and tornado in NW Missouri and Southern Iowa

August 18, 2005:  Weakening supercell with a weak tornado and very low base in Columbia Co. and Jefferson Co., Wisconsin

April 13, 2006:  Large hail-producing supercell over Madison, Wisconsin

August 23, 2006:  Supercell and mesocyclone, Juneau Co. and Richland Co., Wisconsin

June 6, 2007:  DAY 1:  Dryline, northern Nebraska and SW S. Dakota

June 7, 2007:  DAY 2:  SE Minnesota and west central Wisconsin

August 26-31, 2005:  Storm chase to Hurricane Katrina with Nick Bassill, Michael Morgan, and Greg Postel