Operational Status:

The goal of this work is to begin to provide meaningful synoptic/dynamic interpretations as well as understand the basic characteristics of adjoint derived forecast sensitivities, for a variety of response functions.

We are running the MM5 version 2 Adjoint Modeling System twice daily, for two response functions:  36-hour 'energy weighted' forecast error and 36 hour area-averaged temperature. 

The domain and parameterizations for both the forward model and adjoint model are similar to the MM5v3 forward model run, but with a single domain at 90 km horizontal resolution, 10 vertical levels (terrain-following sigma coordinate), a bulk PBL scheme, and 36 hour integration.  The basic state for the adjoint integration is created using moist physics.  However, the adjoint integration is computed dry about the moist basic state.  

This page is currently a work in progress, so check back soon for more updates!


Updated on 02/26/2003